Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between civil, political and registrar service?

There is no difference, it’s just that different countries have a different names for the same ceremony.

Can we have a civil wedding anywhere on the island of Kefalonia?

Yes you can have your wedding anywhere on the island. However, Mythos weddings strongly advises to make your civil wedding close to the townhall of your residence .

Can we hire any or all of our wedding attire on the island?

There is a full range of wedding dresses, suits and children’s outfits available for hire for all special occasions. You will need to provide accurate measurements and book in good time to secure the outfit of your choice.

Are all types of menu available for the reception?

Mythos are not only restauranteurs but also caterers, and have been for many years. We will design an individual reception menu together, in order to ensure it is exactly what you want.

Can we get married in Kefalonia in the winter?

Yes you can. We can recommend venues that would be more suitable for a winter wedding, but otherwise the arrangements would be the same.

Are tax and gratuities included in your package prices?

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