In order to get married in Kefalonia you will need to gather a range of documents.


• These documents have to be legalised by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

• Once the documents have been legalised, they must be translated into Greek. We will provide you with details of a translator.

• Once the documents have been translated, they must be legalised - this time by the Greek Embassy.

• After your marriage, your Greek wedding certificate will be translated into English so you can present it to your local registrar in the UK.


As you can imagine all this takes some time but we will provide you with detailed information with the necessary contacts and guide you through the whole process.

If you are having a Catholic or an Orthodox wedding, your local priest will need to be informed and will advise you of the documentation you require.

One other important matter you need to address is insurance and we urge you to be prudent and take out Wedding Insurance. If you need further information, please be sure to ask us.



  • Passports

Bride's and Groom's ten year passports.

Both bride and groom should hold a full British passport.

Passport holders of other nationalities should check with their embassy.

  • Full Birth Certificate

Both parties must obtain a 'full' birth certificate with parents' names

as the shorter version of the Birth Certificate will not be accepted.

  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

This document certifies that both parties are free to get married and can be obtained from your local Registrar Office.

It may take up to one month to obtain as the local Registrar Office will place the document on public display for three weeks.

The certificate has a 'shelf life' and must not be issued more than three months before the wedding day.

Carefully plan the issue date of this document with your local Registrar who will advise you.

Your local council Registrar Office will need proof that you are a local resident such as a utiliy bill or council tax bill as well as your passport.


(Note - if you are living outside of your native country, then the Certificate of No Impediment must be applied for in the country in which you have stayed for over 21 days)


Apostille Stamp

An Apostille is a special seal applied by an authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original.

Apostilles are available in countries such as UK which signed the Hague Convention abolishing the requirementof legalizing foreign public documents and making document certification much easier.

The Apostille verification is attached to the original birth certificate and certificate of no impediment to marrriage oran exact duplicate - as photo copies are not accepted.

Other Documents that may be necessary

Decree Absolute

If either party is divorced, a Certified Copy of the Decree Absolute must be obtained.

Death Certificate

If either of the parties is a widower, a Death Certificate is needed.

Deed Poll Certificate

This will be required if either bride or groom has changed name by Deed Poll.

Adoption Certificate

If either of the parties was adopted then this will be required.

Baptism Certificate

Although not required for a civil ceremony, Baptism Certificates will be required for a Catholic or Greek Orthodox church wedding.

Document Translations

All the above documents( except from the passports) must be translated into Greek at the Greek Embassy or Consulate and this should be completedat least one month before the wedding.


Ceremony Witness

Two witnesses are required for all types of wedding ceremonies and they must bring their passports with them.

Please advise Mythos Weddings if you are not providing your own witnesses.

  • ­Documentation after the Wedding

For a valid marriage, the couple must visit the Registry Office at the town hall in Kefalonia to declare that the wedding has taken place. The official wedding certificate is issued within three working days after the wedding and can be sent on to the married couple's home address. On return from your wedding, don't forget to have your Greek wedding certificates translated into English.




Useful Contacts:

For a copy of your Full Birth Certificate from the General Register Office you can order online

Certificate ordering service online

You can contact GRO telephone on 0845 603 7788 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Saturday 9am to 4pm) This number is free on some call plans from UK Landline providers, others charge at the cost of a local call. Mobile and overseas rates will vary and may be considerably higher, please check with your service provider.
The GRO website also gives an email contact but they can take up to a week to reply.


Postal address:

General Register Office

P O Box 2




United Kingdom


To find your local council registrar office (A-Z listing) for Non Impediment Certificate application


For legalisation of Birth Certificate and Non Impediment Certificate

The Legalisation Office

Norfolk House (West)

437 Silbury Boulevard

Milton Keynes


United Kingdon

Documents can be sent by recorded or special delivery, or by courier, or taken to the public counter in Milton Keynes.
Contact by telephone

01908 295 111

Open 1000-1200 hours and 1400-1500 hours Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays.

Contact by fax

01908 295 122


Page link


legalisationoffice @


For Document Translation at the Greek Embassy


Contact us to recommend you a translator. Otherwise, check the following links.

See the Greek Embassy's website

For a list of professional translators. As there is no official translation department within the consulate general of Greece, they provide a list of translators from which to choose.

Page Link


It is worth checking with the translator how long the procedure will take before sending your documents off to him/her/

Once the documents have been translated the Official Translator's signature must be legalised at the Greek Embassy.

In all cases the original document (with Apostille Stamp) should be submitted as well.


Please note that our company doesn’t cover the cost of the translation and the postage of the documents. Your basic wedding package covers only the cost of the banns and the fees of all the legal procedures that take place in Greece. © 2013-2018 All rights reserved - Created and hosted by freedom digital