Restaurants & Taverns


Sea-front traditional fish taverns or modern luxury restaurants with delicious Mediterranean and international cuisine, close to a watermill or with unique primitive surroundings.
Each one of the recommended reception venues is unique in style but they all offer high quality services.

Depending on your culinary preferences and on your wedding ceremony location, we will help you to choose a suitable restaurant or tavern.


Here is a list of some of the best restaurants and taverns in Kefalonia:


Northen Kefalonia
Tasia's Tavern
Details: Seafront traditional fish tavern, one of the most famous and cosmopolitan in Greece

Nefeli seafront Tavern
Location: Asso’s traditional village
Details: seafront tavern with mediterranean cuisine, privacy, close to ceremony venues

Veggera Tavern
Location: Vasilikades Village
Details: traditional tavern, kefalonian recipes, economical, balcony privacy


Alexander’s Tavern
Location: Divarata village
Details: above Myrtos beach, kefalonian cuisine and meat tavern

Karavomilos Watermill restaurant
Location: Karavomilos
Details: Seafront fish tavern next to watermill and Karavomilos lake

Nothern East Kefalonia
Mochito beach bar
Location: Antisamos
Details: Youthful cosmopolitan bar, Mythos catering provided.

Trapezaki Tavern
Location: close to Trapezaki beach
Details: seafront tavern with greek cuisine

Blue Sea Tavern
Location: Katelios
Details: sea front tavern, with fresh fish taken directly from fishing boats


Western Kefalonia
Vatsa tavern
Location: Lixouri
Details: Fish tavern, unique primitive surrounding, wattle covered, privacy

Fishbones beach bar
Location: Lixouri (Megas Lakkos)
Details: Beach bar restaurant with privacy and sea view


Southern Kefalonia
Katavothres Watermill restaurant
Location: Argostoli
Details: sea view modern luxury restaurant with privacy and dance hall

Kiani Akti restaurant
Location: Argostoli
Details: “floating” fish restaurant, on the harbor of Argostoli

Preview Restaurant
Location: upon Avithos Beach
Details: sea view restaurant with mediterranean cuisine

Symposium restaurant
Location: Skala
Details: sea view modern & luxury restaurant with international cuisine

Klimatis tavern
Location: Lourdas
Details: Close to Lourdas beach, seafront tavern with traditional greek cuisine



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