Why get married in Kefalonia?


It's very simple!

  • Because it has many quaint chapels and churches dating back to the 14th century and of course many modern buildings.
  • Because it has the most beautiful beaches not only of the Ionian Sea but of Europe as well. Some are cosmopolitan others deserted, others cobble some sandy, others purely private and others accessible only by boat.
  • Because you can get married while boating at lake Mellisani, a place where you can explore a wonderful and inexplicable natural phenomenon in which the waters are running through a 40 km underground route, always retaining the same temperature.
  • Because Kefalonia, given its morphological character, has quite a few headlands and lighthouses making it an ideal place to get married.
  • Because you can live Onassis' dream and have a perfect marriage on a private island within an island.
  • Because it offers the opportunity to experience this great day in the privacy of the place of your own choosing along with your favorite people: it has hundreds of villas that are built and oriented towards the Ionian Sea. The incredible view and beauty will ensure optimal conditions and beautiful pictures.
  • Because high standard, exclusive and luxury villas can offer you a royal wedding.
  • Because you can have the full experience of traditional kefalonia in a suitably shaped boutiques-hotel.
  • Because you can have your wedding in a pool bar complex.
  • Because you can make your wedding alternative! Kefalonia produces many tasty wines. The climate and the morphological characteristics are ideal for certain grape varieties, such as the known Robola. Take an exception and get married at a winery combining this unique day with enjoyable wine testing.
  • Because you can have a low cost yet high quality reception & ceremony at Mythos event centre.
  • Because you can make your wedding an adventure by having it on a mountain, at an old¬†shelter , breathing fresh air enjoying a beautiful landscape with a magnificent view and sounds of the forest.
  • Because you can get married on an island within an island. Make your wedding in Daskaleio: the most beautiful island of the Ionian Sea, which is also private.
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